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Natural Wellness for the Body and Mind

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PLUS Anti Virus 100% Natural

100% Mande in Japan

100% Natural Essential Oil

Alchohol Free

A multipurpose disinfecting spray that combines Hiba and tea tree oil, which have a high disinfecting effect, and cleans the space with the power of plants.  


As it is a puzi alcohol type, it can be used with confidence.  


How to use:  Shake lightly before use.  Spray where you are concerned about dirt and wipe off with tissue or cloth.  Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.  


Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with water and if worse, please consult your doctor. Please be careful when handling children.  Cannot be used for food.  Direct injection into a precision device such as a personal computer may cause a malfunction.  


Although this product is cloudy, there is no problem in use.  Does not transfer color even if attached to clothing.  No fires. 


Raw materials: purified water, silicic acid (Na / Mg), 2Na phosphate, natural essential oil

Manufacturer: Aronatura Inc.

50ml       Price: 2600yen + tax



GI CARES is a brand created by Galileo Ichiro Decode.

Galileo Ichiro Decode is an international company based in Hong Kong, specializing in acquiring brand distribution throughout Asia.


Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Jimmy Li, as a start-up to the Asian lifestyle, local varieties provide high-quality products. Later, Galileo Ichiro Decode was established, accelerating the maturation of outdoor lifestyles in Asia. Acceleration means the promotion of brands and products across Asia, supported by events that promote the exchange of culture, experience and wellness.


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